east to the sea

by mary bue

Dimples 04:25
Dimples will he disregard it's too simple to say goodbye spiraling the endless the orange of our nights the city moon almost too active to beam down hope but hope is already there he said just look for inspiration please inspire me again because the fire didn't last long enough perhaps only lustful for the touch a sexual healing blasted brain slice thoughts slippery i'm riding into chemical sunsets and dawns of time what is time to god? my sheets folded oftentimes my mother cleaning again sincerely my shins ache from the pavement from another gloom piled on the floor the abyss running from it i need wings around my ankles i need eternal ink around my thighs slate and gravel pitted dream goodbye, surprise, goodbye again left behind
Vines 01:36
Mr. Animus 01:33
came here the last time i cried over you mr. animus mr. supertruce looking down upon the city cars parked and mittens on i don't want you to worry this time i won't drive off i've died enough already and death is getting on with his suitcase and shoes mr. animus
I Suppose 05:19
Love 05:24
peppers stain my hands i look at them awash in red my eyes tear and the seeds scatter to the floor must i waste in tragedy? stare out the window and envy young leaves? i tire of tiring inside i'm smiling and crying belonging to an ocean's womb belonging to an ocean's womb sometimes i drown no use in splashing tassels scatter to the floor and hope and fringe and your hands like leather don't touch me anymore "don't worry if you spill" she said and my reply was "what came before the swan? the butterfly?" she looks so sad staring out the window envying, envying young leaves i tire of tiring inside i'm smiling and crying belonging to an ocean's womb
Heaven Cloud 03:58
i pretend my body is venus and i look myself up and down oh holly, wouldn't you be proud? did a man arouse this? no, he only shook the trunk of the tree that was already wavering in the breeze oh holly, wouldn't you be pleased? this is a song for holly holly where are you girl? you're taking the world for a ride thought you'd try it all on for size soft, i know i am the softest sateen but these teeth could draw blood and this jewelry could scar if rubbed too hard holly, wouldn't you be proud? diana of the hunt and kill delphi of the womb i won't hurt you we say we women of the seafoam and solace ride like a horse's mane from galaxy to dishrag staring out of the window towards the dream realized


released May 2, 2003

All songs written by Mary Bue
Piano & vocals performed by Mary Bue
Copyright 2003

Songs 1, 4, 5, 8, 10 & 12 produced, mixed & recorded by Hans Johnson at New Finish Studios, Duluth MN
Bass on 1 & 8 by Matt Mobley
Guitar on 1 by Josh Gamble
All other sounds produced by Hans Johnson

Songs 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11 & 14 recorded by Alan Sparhawk at Sacred Heart Studio, Duluth, MN

Song 13 and harmonies on 3, 6 & 9 recorded by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studio

Mastered by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studio

Graphic design help by Christian McShane


all rights reserved



mary bue Minneapolis, Minnesota

“If intimacy intrigues you and makes you into a skittish peeping tom, then be sure to catch Bue at her next performance.” – Alan Sparhawk, Low

Full intensity living without a second to waste or take for granted — that is Mary Bue’s M.O. An indie rock singer songwriter based in Minneapolis, her songs touch on the environment, dreams, love, and rising up out of trauma and sorrow.
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