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Hi loves! My name is Mary Bue and I'm a pop/rock/indie musician currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am so excited to launch this monthly subscription for you! You may be wondering, "Why would I do such a thing???" Well, let me ask you: Do you like subscribing to magazines? Or Spotify? Pandora? Or XM radio? What if there was a way to subscribe to an artist DIRECTLY and cut out the middleman? Think back: Were you ever part of a fan club or maybe still are? Do you love being privy to the new stuff, the backstage, the bloopers? THIS IS THE WAY!

Creating art as an independent agent takes time, inspiration and capital. Not to mention, rock solid relationships with listeners & supporters - I am SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!

This subscription offer will be a chance to share exclusive show recordings (like the immediately included "Live at the Red Herring" from last year - a band incarnation which will never again be the same! "RARE" live audio - LOL), raw new song snippets unreleased to the public, random covers. Plus you'll get ALL of my back catalog in digital format for subscribing at any level - yes - that is all 6 albums plus a 7 song ep which you can download onto your computer + put in your itunes or stream at any time on the Bandcamp app. All of these goods/info/art will come right to you via the bandcamp app or notified by email - every release will arrive directly to your "pocket" all year long.

The biggest news is that January 2017 I've been awarded a 3 month long Artist Residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM. With this subscription, you'll get all the new songs ASAP. You can be a part of the newness springing out of the quiet high desert psyche ...

Know that your support will go to more recordings, the costs of touring and live shows, the fuzzy warm feeling in my heart for knowing you have my back.

Tons more info, pics, blogs on
BIG LOVE!!! I am SO STOKED to be in on this with you.


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mary bue
Minneapolis, Minnesota
“If intimacy intrigues you and makes you into a skittish peeping tom, then be sure to catch Bue at her next performance.” – Alan Sparhawk, Low

Full intensity living without a second to waste or take for granted — that is Mary Bue’s M.O. An indie rock singer songwriter based in Minneapolis, her songs touch on the environment, dreams, love, and rising up out of trauma and sorrow.

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