apple in the ocean

by mary bue



released July 26, 2012

recorded, mixed & mastered by eric swanson at sacred heart studio, duluth mn
produced by mary bue with eric swanson and the intuitive sensibilities of these fine musicians: matt mobley, dave frankenfeld, kyle maclean, ida jo, christian mcshane & charlie parr

photos: ryan lemahieu
graphic design: adam guggemos
website: christian mcshane

mary bue: vocals, piano, organ, tambourine, glockenspiel & guitar on “little bird”
matt mobley: bass
dave frankenfeld: drums
ida jo: violin on “beeswax,” “dentistry” and “valentine”
christian mcshane: sitar on “savasana bliss” and "8 feet of Snow"
kyle maclean: guitar on “beeswax” and “cosmopolitan”
charlie parr: slide guitar on “little bird”

copyright mary bue music 2012
this project was successfully funded with the help of kickstarter

love and hugs to:
my mom, dad and bro: what a fantastic family unit we are. i love you all! thank you for supporting me in my musical endeavors for the last 14 years!

thanks to sara alexander/softich, ronnie eastling, moira ray, sair jordan, kyle maclean, grandma betty, bob & janet engvall, sarah & gordon simpson, jess wetter, odette allen, natalie salminen-rude, marcella kroll, marcie stoyke, chip stewart, leslie bruns-fralich, crystal meisinger, ryan lemahieu, christian mcshane, eric swanson, derek pearson, ryan dahlberg, dave frankenfeld, matt mobley and adam guggemos. deep thanks to tracy weber, marc martin, & whole life yoga’s nurturing community: you helped bring me balance! massive thanks to these generous friends and supporters of this project: janelle bane, aaron rowan, andy pilon, bob monahan, kyle george, mark dey, katie wiedewitsch, deanna & andy asbury: songs are incubating for all of you! a gracious bow to kickstarter for providing a funding platform for creative works - thanks to my 104 backers! wow! finally, big sparkly love to the countless others who have touched my heart - there are more of you than i can list here.


all rights reserved



mary bue Minneapolis, Minnesota

“If intimacy intrigues you and makes you into a skittish peeping tom, then be sure to catch Bue at her next performance.” – Alan Sparhawk, Low

Full intensity living without a second to waste or take for granted — that is Mary Bue’s M.O. An indie rock singer songwriter based in Minneapolis, her songs touch on the environment, dreams, love, and rising up out of trauma and sorrow.
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Track Name: Mummies
why did that come to mind
mummies, honey, mummified
because you said something about forever holding me
never ever letting go never
never letting go never ever
and your lips are pure deliciousness
our twenties and thirties beauty kiss
youth springing out of bed
dreams of gumdrop sugar head
and i miss your sparkling eyes
always, honey, on my mind
mummies, honey, mummified
ghosts, only ghosts the letters sit in boxes
lovers take their chances
take another pass at it
ghosts, only ghosts
the lovers sit in empty rooms
storms have stormed
volcanoes blew and lovers mummified as spoons
Track Name: Savasana Bliss
fire frightened forgettable
fortified ferocity’s hit
incoming incumbent
incongruent myth
schlepping a state of savasana bliss
lugging a suitcase
your reality is this
immovable headlines
are keeping you clear
doubt like a lightning bolt
pen behind your ear
fire in aries and leo in love
live like a lightning bolt
live like a dove
smoldering headlines
of gas and war and fire
you, you are a microdot
you’re an acid trip liar
are you tripping or are you sober?
i can never tell
Track Name: Beeswax
my heart is twisted
feels like it’s pounding right out of my chest
fried up and crispy
and she’s got it wrapped up in beeswax
my heart is twisted
feels like some worn-out dishrag
wringing out with blood and love
if you’re the king of second chances
then i’m the queen of hearts
if you’re the kind of second chances
then i may as well be the queen of darts
with a gun to my head
think i’ll take a walk
along the mississippi
and away from the quarry
towards your second story

away from the quarry
along the mississippi
trading our rackets/racquets
for sweet salt water taffy
driving hard up along that river
it makes sense to be a loner
but i’d rather be your lover
Track Name: Cosmopolitan
thought you’d be in cosmopolitan by now
thought you’d have the hottest legs
through the turnstyle
the airport gate is taking you to another place
and the look on your face is showing that

you can’t relate to your insides
at twenty five
you can’t relate to your fellow peers
they all look at you really weird
and you think it’s rather queer
and you wonder what you’re doing here

and everyone you meet
has their face on late night tv
skinny chicks playing the piano
red-stained lips walking down the street
and you’re on your own little planet
with a peanut butter sandwich

and like a sweet little clam
meat shucked into a little tin can
you’re waiting to be consumed
air sucked out in a vacuum
and that’s how your lungs feel these days
and like your legs could give way

but you don’t even have a shell
it’s decorating someone’s windowsill
your shell’s in a pretty glass bowl
or turned into a pretty little comb
and you will never be very tall
short stocky legs and you’re kind of small
but your home is around the bend
perhaps in your lover’s hand
or the clouds in heaven
Track Name: Valentine
What holds that drum in your head?
and that pain in your eyelids?
makes you flutter
in these lead-belly’d hills
these streets, these pearls
my teeth taught the enamel to sleep
cover the stain
what religion covers the stain?
seltzer won’t get it out

notice my foot stomping
notice the smooth in-between
pink scarfed wearing cowboy poem
whistle by and mourn, mourn mourn
mourn the loss of your soul
you’re not depressed - just in a perpetual bad mood
just a conditional gloom
parallel to the state of things
but you are not your state of mind today
your valentine won’t go away
Track Name: Dentistry
she was a bitter one
she failed at weaponry
and when she reached the sea
it was full of tears
she was a bitter one
she failed at dentistry
and when she reached that stream
it washed away her fears

in the dark i see you now
it’s better that you don’t come around
i had a dream that the truth was found
deep inside that sleeping sound
beside the river mound
when dad admits he’s proud
the rain never sounded so loud
when that note was found

you were young when he buried the ring
it said love is forever on it
you were so angry that you wanted to spit
but you swallowed it
and you keep swallowing
it even though it burns your throat
instead the tears come out and there’s no dam to hold
Track Name: Strange Divide
strange divide
are you ready or not
you’re hiding from interest and gain
strange divide between your eye and your mind
simple, ancient as time time time

i’m gonna turn this little girl in
she’s looking around
she’s got her eye on him and him ... and him ...
flirting and batting her eyelashes
he’s making her blush
she’s reeling him in and in and in
the synergy, the energy, the spark
what happens when the spark turns dark
the snake turns to rage
you’ve maddened the stage
your cheeks are all red
like the blood in your veins

simple how it all comes down
Track Name: 8 Feet of Snow
why would you live in 8 feet of snow
your house is buried
can’t get out the front door

city plows are running 24/7
they rip speed balls at the 7/11
snow is their main employer

so cold the windows rattle
almost shatter by the light of a candle
i’ve taken to singing at dawn
because the winter is so long
i’m finding all my new favorite songs

heart so deep, so wild and strong
it beats so fast, it carries on
the heat sighs like a tired woman
rises through the cracks
brings whiskey to her lips
and sips and waits for the burn
like we all have to wait our turn
a new reason to move on with the hurt
there’s springtime deep down in the dirt
Track Name: Apple in the Ocean
in an apple orchard
flexed at the ankles
bare-footed in the sand
dropping dead seaweed
down to the beach shore
a hive hangs from a tree
a man-made web of hell, you said
cycle of samsara
birth, life and death over and over again

when flesh sizzles on my bones
shiver shoots from head to toes
shit, i don’t know where it’s going to go

seems i’m stuck in a cycle all my own
stuck in a cycle all my own
the sutras speak of germinating seeds
becoming full blown weeds
but weeds have healing properties
weeds have healing properties

and i crave your smoke
and the scent of new skin
i crave ending and beginning again

shiver up my spine
tingle linked to all of time
biology is destiny and pheromones have majesty
disobey my best intentions
and the web swells with expansion
need to find a way to transcend the body
the desire that spins and threatens to dissolve me

where thatched roof swallows sing
staircases lead us to the beach
i hum a song about appleseeds
apples are bobbing out in the ocean
sometimes i’m swept out to sea
Track Name: Little Bird
seems funny
you’re making decisions for me
the lights of the city
speak the summer to me

who’s that knocking on the door
no eavesdropping no more
and the little bird down the hall
what’s that little bird singing about now

lay beside me
only in memory
try and reach me
until you complete me

oh so sensitive
how can you bear to live?
tip-toeing down the stair
there’s someone i adore hiding there
Track Name: Maps and Calendars
maps and calendars
aladdin’s lamps, man-handlers
tickets and transfers
we’re full of these desperate measures
in no uncertain terms
i’m a serious girl
that particular look in your eye
a couple more minutes
before we start to die

press the pause button please
before we atrophy
these cells stand still
these walls can breathe
please sit here in this quiet space with me

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