Holy Bones on Piano

by mary bue

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Songs are songs and they stand on their own. Whether grunge-flaired with echo-y guitars and drums or naked with just piano or vocals, a song is an ethereal, lilting melody that can, usually, be played either way --music to your ears with one version or "unholy" when embellished differently. My 2015 album "Holy Bones" was a drastic change of genres from my quieter, solo piano career. Since I have 3 months of un-encumbered time to create in Taos during my artist residency and a well-loved Wurlitzer baby grand piano to roll out of bed and play, I thought I'd do some stripped down versions of these songs. Hopefully any perturbed fans who were taken aback by my grunge-y turn will be appeased. :) Thank you for supporting this work.


releases March 28, 2017

Mary Bue - vocals, piano, guitar
Recorded in March 2017 by Mary Bue at her casita as Artist in Residence, The Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM

Music & Lyrics © Mary Bue Music LLC 2017

Album art by Amy Abts
Design by Adam Guggemos



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mary bue Minneapolis, Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE’S BEST LOCAL ALBUMS OF 2015 (SO FAR): “Heretofore more of a tender coffeehouse balladeer, the Duluth music scene mainstay plugged in and blew off a harbor’s worth of steam while recording her breakthrough collection...Fans of ’90s alt-rock darlings like Belly & Jen Trynin will immediately take to the rocky hooks of songs like “Candy” and “Heart’s Desire.” - Riemenschneider ... more

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Track Name: Heart's Desire
sun shines in from the window
waiting for take off
announcing your schemes

what if there was no weight
gravity's lifted
we're drifting into space

and he says "you should be a doctor, i can see it in your eyes"
oh, to be my father's daughter
have i been living a lie?

all these years spent trying
all these years spent trying
all these years spent trying
winter's coming
better curl up in a blanket and cry

medicine for your sorrow
i've got medicine for your pain
an aching back
a nagging ache
a ragged, jagged vein

and he says "you should be a lawyer, i can hear it in your style"
oh, to be my heart's desire
have i been living a lie?
Track Name: A Million Moths
don't hurt yourself
it's going bad
all the pain
you've ever had
wad it up
into a paper ball
there's a barrel with a fire
where you can burn it all

burn it all

burn it off
you can sweat it out
a million moths
gather round your heart
burn it off
you can sweat it out
a million moths
gather round your heart

burn it off