This is a Sanskrit chant to be heard with the heart


Atma Hrdaye
Hrdayam mayi
Aham amrte
amrtam anandam

Loose translation:
my life force is linked to the heart
my heart is linked to the truth within
the truth that is eternal
the eternal which is unending bliss

This is my "home chant"

Some may chant "rah rah rah go team"
Some may chant "we are the champions"
Some may chant patriotic
Some may chant in hateful ways

Some may chant to save the water
Some may chant to protect the great redwoods
Some may chant in solidarity with women
Some may chant to keep us free from a wall
Some may chant to protect the great beasts and the small beasts
Some may chant for the children

This chant is for all of us,
If we all sang this
in ecstasy
as i did for hours today
maybe we would love each other a little better

"The life force is linked to the heart, the heart is linked to the truth within, and the truth is linked to the eternal, which is the unending bliss.”

Thank you to Tracy Weber of Whole Life Yoga in Seattle for sharing this chant with your students, and all of the teachers before you, and the beautiful source from divine inspiration, the well from which wisdom and bliss flows, for giving us this song to sing

I don't know the answers
but I know
"there is still time to do good things"

Much love


from Songs for Savasana and Unending Bliss, released February 24, 2017
Mary Bue: piano, guitar, vocals, recording in her artist in residence casita in Taos, NM

Lyrics are sanskrit and open to all
Music © Mary Bue 2017

Thank you Helene Wurlitzer for your gift ... and all who manage your foundation (thanks to Nic & Michael Knight)



all rights reserved


mary bue Minneapolis, Minnesota

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